We are brand strategists who work one-on-one with you to create thirst-quenching brands that convert those "maybes" into "hell yes's" through authenticity with a modern touch.

We are not your typical brand studio. The secret? We have fun making your brand, and we make sure you do, too. Because art shouldn't be so serious!


Let's Do It

Brands are our favorite cocktail to mix, and we're professional mixologists. 

Using top notch industry tools, we create more than just a 'pretty' brand. We create a custom brand to quench your thirst.

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What we do...


"It's Hard To Put Into Words How Amazing Sydney Was To Work With. I Was Pretty Confused With My Vision And What I Wanted, And Sydney Completely Blew Me Away With Her Ideas. For Anyone Who Doesn't Have A Clue About Design, Or What Colours, Graphics And Elements Work Well Together, I Thoroughly Recommend Working With Sydney - She Will Just Take All Of These Worries Away, And Get You Excited To See What She's Come Up With!"
- Holly Smith

"Completely Blew Me Away With Her Ideas"

"Sydney has been a dream to work with. Starting my business brand was mentally tough, but Sydney has been there along the way excited about my journey! She has helped come up with numerous ideas on color palettes, name suggestions, and logo ideas. She was always in touch and kept me updated on where she was at with creating my brand. I am OBSESSED with the outcome and how she took my idea and made it into a brand I LOVE the look of! I highly recommend her to work with!"
-Mikaela Oliver, Wagging Trails Resort LLC

"I am OBSESSED with the outcome"

"Quick turn around on a custom logo design and right on time! Top notch work and attitude throughout the entire process! Sydney went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the logo for my new business!"
-Derek Verville, Business Owner

"Top notch work and attitude"

Why our client's trust us...


Sydney here, reminding you that your brand is about more than just your product or service. A brand is personal, a brand makes a lasting impression, a brand is not just about what people see....but how they see it. Of course you can go the DIY route, but remember that our brands are not just pretty colors with a generic logo. It's about strategy. It's about connection. It's about  

-Sydney Douston, Fearless Owner of Authentically Modern

A Word From the Boss...


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